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Clear Beverage Licensing is focused on the laws & regulations related to the production, distribution and sale of beer, wine, and distilled spirits. Our industry expertise makes us the clear choice for alcohol-related business and licensing needs. We represent you in front of federal and state agencies that regulate all forms of alcoholic beverages. We also provide counsel for all transactions that may affect license privileges as well as civil, administrative, and criminal proceedings.

Beer, Wine and Distilled Spirits Lawyers


Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Permits and Licensing
We provide TTB permits & licensing nationwide. See how we can make the process simple.
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Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission Licensing
Do you need to apply for or renew a liquor license? Are you being audited by the TABC? We can help!
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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Paying higher taxes after a Sales Tax Audit or “Liquor Pour Audits”? Learn how we can help you.
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Corporate Agreements
Business Entity Formation, Legal Compliance, Partnership Agreements, etc. Call today!
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Why Clear Beverage Licensing?

Industry Knowledge

We understand the intricate details of alcohol-related rules and laws, and we stay current with any legislation changes. Our legal knowledge and our commitment to ongoing training is a benefit to our clients that other licensing agencies cannot offer.

Data Protection

Any information provided to other licensing agencies is not protected by attorney-client privilege, making it possible for others to have access to your private data. Not only do we keep your sensitive data confidential, but we can keep it protected.

Future Needs

Once we perform your licensing services, we are on call for any and all problems that may arise from your daily operations. We're already on your side. We know your business and can immediately assist you with a strong response.